Computer & Cell Phone Repair Services

Computer and Laptop Service

ASK Computers offers computer services in Toronto that include desktop PC and laptop repairs, physical and water damage repairs, data recovery services and computer upgrades. Our professional computer services include such things as hard drive formatting, data backup and recovery, laptop screen replacement on both new and refurbished laptops, and many more. We also offer virus removal, memory upgrades all of which increase the speed and efficiency of your older laptop or desktop system. Bring your system in for a diagnostic assessment and we can provide several solutions to ensure your PC runs up to specifications.


Macs and Macbooks Service

If you are looking for Mac repairs or an upgrade for your Mac then look no further. ASK Computers offers fast turnaround service on repairing your Mac and all at an affordable price. With ASK Computers’ positive reviews, you can be sure that the servicing of your Mac will be met and your satisfaction guaranteed.


Cellphones Service

ASK Computers services dozens of cellular phone models for issues like damaged or cracked screens/LCDs, water damage, broken keypads, missing buttons, speaker and microphone damages, and much more. We do iphone repair in downtown toronto We repair all iphones and all samsung phones. Whether it be iphone 5s,5c,5,4s,4,s4,s3 or s2, we repair them all.

iPhone Repair

IPad Repairs

We know how much you love and enjoy your iPad – its large screen makes viewing easier and more convenient, it is extremely portable and easy to carry and it makes it easy to view and share whatever you are reading, streaming or watching with the people around you. However, no matter how well we take good care of these gadgets, sometimes something just goes wrong but worry not as we are here to help.


Phone Unlocking Services

So you’re bound for a trip abroad for a vacation or business trip with your GSM phone? Sounds good and at least your phone works with several carriers around the globe. That means you don’t need to carry several more gadgets and devices with you or worse buy a different phone unit from every country you visit just for you to stay connected. We understand how trips could be demanding or exciting you may want to update your loved ones at home or share your experience with your friends.


Macbook Pro and Macbook Logic Board Repair

Failure to get Macbook Logic Board repair could be disastrous. Your productivity stems from your Macbook’s performance and when its logic board ceases to function you will risk losing valued customers while you’re getting your computer back on its feet. It is just a matter of time. We’re happy to tell you that we have experienced technicians to do the job professionally and quickly so you can use your Macbook again. At ASK Computers, we have professionals that you can trust through your worst times.